Acme TraceART provides professional and fast transform functions from raster drawing into vector format; it can be used in various engineering drawings including architectural, mechanical, geological, GIS, electrical drawings etc.

  • Supports various common raster file formats,such as BMP,TIFF,TGA,JPEG...;
  • Output vector formats support many file types, such as DXF, WMF, EPS, HP-GL(.PLT), SVG, EPS,CGM and PDF;
  • Supports the batch process mode of many raster files;
  • Has unique prompt preview parameter settings function;
  • Convenient display control to raster and vector results;
  • Can read in DXF file format, display and transfer its saving mode;
  • Can directly scan drawings in software;
  • Supports centerline, outline and filling mode.
  • Supports width recognition of line;
  • Supports noise filter and image rectification of vector image;
  • Has preset recognition parameters for engineering and relief drawings;
  • Easy in use.


PDF demos (Click the following pictures to open the pdf files)
DWG to PDF : 3D objects Hidden line removalSupports to convert raster object into PDFDWG to PDF : Apply paper size of layout to PDF page

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  Latest Version  
Version 3.9.4
Release 2012.2.8
  Software for:  
Windows 2000/XP
Windows 2003 Server
Windows 2008 Server
Windows Vista
Windows 7
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