Options - Convert DWG DXF DWF to WMF

Step 1 - Add Files:

Click the "Add" button to add one or more than one drawing files you want to convert, click the "Add Folder" button to add all the drawing files of one folder and its subfolders. You can also drag the files from Explorer and drop them on the drawing file List.

Layout and Layer... (new)

The software allows users to resign the layout and layers that are supposed to be exported. More...

Step 2 - Set the parameters of drawing(DWG / DXF / DWF) files


To set the layout type of the supposed output, it could be: current layout, only model space layout, all layouts, all paper space layouts and user sets.

Hidden Line Removal

If there are 3D objects in your graph, and the conversion result is supposed to be hiddem line removal, you could tick this option to achieve the result. There are two kinds as Automatic mode and Enforcement mode. The automatic mode could descide whether to remove the hidden line according to the settings, while the enforcement mode would order the software to forcely remove the hidden line. (this mode is not recommended)


The designed lineweight parameter in the graphic file is allowed to be used.

Step 3 - Set the parameters of WMF files

Use the layout Page Size if Possible

This option is effective to graphic space layout. In graphic space layout, output page related information is contained and the software will output WMF files by automatically reading the pre-defined parameters.


If you tick “Use the layout Page Size if Possible” when you are making the choice of the output WMF file size and unit , the software will automatically achieve and output a page layout size during the conversion of graphic space layout process.

Step 4 - Convert drawing files to WMF

Click the "Convert Now" button to start the conversion.


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