User-designed Watermark

You could use this function to design your watermark to the output files, such as, date, company name, designer, filename, layout name, etc.

Watermark Management

Users could manage and set several watermark objects and preview their assemble effection or their respective effections in different paper interfaces. Also, users could add, edit and delete the designed watermark objects as well.

Watermark Editor

This dialogue box could help you to edit each watermark parameter and you could immediately preview your settings.

preserve the scale relative to the current page

The program would calculate the ratio of current watermark to current page layout. The ratio would be used to calculate the unltimate output size. In this way, the output ration would be suited, namely, the large page layout with large watermarks, while the small page layout with small ones, vice versa. However, if this option is not ticked, the watermark will be output in an absolute way, that is, more watermarks would be output as far as the large page layout is concerned while less watermarks would be output as far as the small page layout is concerned.

Character Height

The height of the entire watermark If the rotation angle is already set, it should be the height after the watermark has been rotated.


It is the distance from the watermark to the rim, it is also the distance between watermarks.


Watermark fill, if not ticked, outline letters will be output.

Insert object (Important)

Insert some pre-defined autmatic characters, such as date, time, filename, layout name, etc. These pre-defined files have to be denoted by sign “~”, and conformation should be paid attention to.

Sign Description
hour Hour
minute Minute
month Month (English Abbreviation)
mm Month (expressed by figures)
dd Day
day Day
year Year (Full Lengh, eg:2008)
yy Year(Abbreviation, eg:2008 is expressed as 08)
filename File name
layout Layout name

The pre-defined signs are freely to be assembled and the process would automatically analyse them. But only the characters with sign “~~” would be analysized, other characters will be displayed as they are.

For example:
Today is ~year-mm-dd~, time is ~hour:minute~
It would be understood as today is 2008-010-12 and the time is 18:51', which is the date and time of the file I have written.


You could appoint the current watermark location and mode, and the sketch map is given as a reference.

Left-top Top Right- top
Left Center Right
Left-bottom Bottom Right-bottom

Tile--tile to the whole page layout one by one according to the resigned.

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