Set Layouts and Layers

The software allows users to resign the layout and layers that are supposed to be exported.

Drawing File list

List all the files that would be exported, use the mouse to click the files, attribute box on the right will display the preview drawing and layout list of the file.

Click the right button of the mouse, you will see:

Through these menu items, you could design all the layouts that these graph files are going to export once for all.

Layout List

List all the layouts of the selected files. Users could select the layouts which are supposed to exported.

View and Layer

Click this button and you will see the the dialogue box of view and layer setting. You could set the layers which need exporting. To view integrated graphies and set the layers which need to be exported, click the following button, A dialog will be displayed.

In this dialog box, You could use the botton on the left to ajust your view, and you could also change the dialogue box size to make your view convenient. On the right, there is a layout list, which could help you to command the layers which are needed to be exported.



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