What news


1 New Graphics Display Techniques
New graphics display techniques(Quick Mode)accelerates the graphics display performance, namely, the operation speed. You can shift between old and new modes.
At present, Quick Mode does not support raster image display. If there are raster images in the drawing, please shift to old mode for images display. Shift between different modes only changes viewer display performances but has no effect on original or transformed files.

2. Missing Files Reminder
When external file quoted in Drawing are not found, the application activates the reminder button. Click this button, the application lists all missing files.

3. Automatically Apply Layout Paper’s Information
Generally, Layout contains Paper’s information. Activate this option, the application reads paper’s information contained; if available, Paper’s Information will be used in conversion.

4. Viewer Shortcut Button

Key Function
Pan right
Pan Left
Pan Up
Pan Down
zoom in
zoom out
Press F to shift between Full screen Mode and Window Mode, Press ESC to cancel Full screen Mode.

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