Software interface, view function, view DWG,DXF and DWF files

Acme DWG Converter can directly open DWG, DXF and DWF files to view the content in the drawings, to support mulitiple files view mode. You could open several files each time.

Current Cursor Position

Display the current Cursor (mouse) coordinate location in the current drawing.

Current Layout

Layout label page. You could click the related layout label to switch the layout, the background color of the current layout is set as white to distinguish itself from non-current layout labels.

Open Files

Open the designed single file or multiple DWG, DXF, DWF files. If several files are selected at the same time, each file is corresponding to its own child window.

Save Current drawing

Save current opened file as DWG or DXF file, and the file version could be designed by users.

Save into bitmap format

Save the current drawing file to resigned raster format: BMP, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PCX, PNG, TGA, WMF, and you can also save any graphies in the resigned windows, More...

Export to other vector format

Save the current open file in the resigned vector graphic format: PDF, PLT, SVG, EPS, CGM. Users could also save any graphies in resigned windows, More...

PDF Export Tool

Convert and merge multiple DWG, DXF, DWF files to one PDF file, More...

Batch Convert

Convert multiple DWG / DXF files into kinds of output formats, support version conversion . More...


Print the curent opened drawing, More...

Zoom out

Zoom out the viewport display ratio of the curent view, the graphy you will see is even smaller.

Zoom In

Zoom in the viewport display ratio of the curent view, the graphy you will see is even larger

Zoom Extent

Automatically ajust the viewport parameter to all the displayed objecte, which is equal to command Zoom E in AutoCAD.


Use the mouse to move the viewport, each part of the graphy could be seen. Press and move the middle button of the mouse without releasing could also achieve the movement.

Previous view

Return to the previous view, if the action cannot be done, the button will be grey.

3D Rotation View

Users could rotate the viewport in manner of 360 degree. This function is as same as that of AutoCAD and it is only effective to model space. More...

Quick Mode


Each layer parameter could be edited and the designed layer could be opened or closed, which is also the same as AutoCAD. More...

Full screen

The view is switched between Windows mode and Full Screen mode. Full Screen mode is convenient for the content view, and press “ESC” to quit and get back to the Windows mode.

Background Color

To set the background color. This functionc is only effective to the mode space graphies. The parameter will be ignored by the graphy space displayment. The resigned background color would affect the picture background color of the file that is sent to raster by the current file. See “Save the current file in raster format” to understand how the output raster background color is influenced.


Open the help document, here is what you would see in this file.


Display the software version information and some additional information.

Lacking files

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