Separate layers to multi-independent drawing files

Sometimes we could hope there has a program can isolate the geometry layer for the convesion to relatively and independent drawing file, if so, Acme DWG Converter will can help you to do that.

Spearate layers into independent DWG s

Keep sub-path structure

The output files would be saved in the primary subdirectory structure, which makes it convenient to distinguish the converted files and prevent the files that with the same name as the folder from being overwritten.
For example, there are certain files with the same named layers('0' and 'test') such as:

c:\my document\project\1.dwg
c:\my document\floor\1.dwg

The designed output path is d:\out

The converted output result is (Output DWG format files are taken as example here):
d:\out\my document\project\1_0.dwg
d:\out\my document\project\1_test.dwg
d:\out\my document\floor\1_0.dwg
d:\out\my document\floor\1_test.dwg

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