Set the search path and replace the unfound font

Set the search path

When Acme DWG Converter opens the DWG and DXF files, it may encounter some quoted files which are not able to be found (external reference (Xref) blocks, fonts, pictures….), the software would remind you that you could add these source files to the folder path beforehand. In this way, the software would search these files in the designed folders during the process.

Replace Fonts

If you cannot offer the software the fonts the drawing used, the program will display these characters as “???”, which is coherent to ACAD. This problem causes a lot trouble to the users. Font replace function is provided to solve this problem. Its principle is to use the designed characters to replace the fonts that the software could not find, through which the characters could be normally displayed.

Only Use TTF font

Only use the designed TTF font to replace the unfound characters.

Small Font File

It is the same as the ACAD small font, which is usually used in signs and numbers. TXT is recommended here.

Big Font file

It is the same as the ACAD big font, which is usually used in common characters.


You could immediately preview the replacement result.


TIP: To know which missing fonts in the current opened drawing, please see "Missing file" section.

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