Print Pen setting

When the files are being printing or outputting, the software offers the user-designed print pen setting function to satisfy the needs of users as far as color and lineweight are concerned.

Color Sets

The name of current setting could be in different types and you could open AutoCAD print pen style file to define and save your own style and name for future use.


Creat a new type.


Delete the current type.

Pen Sets List

List Pen number, color and the corresponding output color and width. As long as you choose a pen number, the attribute box on the right will display the corresponding parameters, and you are also able to edit the parameters.


It is correspondent to the original color of pen number and to the object color of DWG,DXF.


It is the corresponding output width of the selected pen number, that is , the output line width defined by the selected pen number.

Destination Color

It is the corresponding output color of the selected pen number, that is, the color is correspondent to the selected pen number.

Minimum Value of Width

The minimum value of the output width. If your setting is less than the minimun value, the output linewidth would be the minimum one.


To restore the pen setting to the original state. All the colors are coherent to the output colors. The pen width is 0.


It supports to import the print pen setting files and supports ACAD print pen setting files with the formt as *.ctb.


You could save the designed print pen settings for future use.

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