How to use the user-designed watermark?

Open the Watermark management dialogue box, you will see a blank page layout preview if you have not set your watermark object, Click “Creat” to creat a new watermark object.

The watermark dialogue box will be opened, and we can edit the expected watermark characters and set their display properties.

In this dialogue box, you could edit each watermark output parameter and preview the results.

Input "DWG TOOL Software..." to the input box. In order to get the tiled watermarke, change the location option as “Tile”, tick “Fill” to make sure that the output watermark is filled, and do not select “outline letter”, set the color, set the watermark height as 2.0 inches, set the margin as 1.0 inches, select “Preserve the scale relative to the current page” then click “OK”. In this way, an new watermark object is added to the list.

Now, we are going to add file date, file name and designer to creat another watermark object. We input ~filename~, that is to say, the software would automatically replace the filename with the current filename. (See the elaboration of the pre-defined signs) You could preview the result in the preview box.

We hope to lay these contents at the right bottom, so we set the location as “right-bottom”, the designed parameter is as followed:

Click “Ok” to confirm the result, you could see the synthetical output preview in the following picture.

After clicking 'Ok', the program could automatically save the watermark setting data to the system registry. The software would automatically read the commanded data from the registry to output the graphs.

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