How to batch convert DWG, DXF files into PLT(HPGL)?

Two methods are offered in this software to convert DWG, DXF files into PLT:

Batch conversion - Click Menu “Batch Convert”, select Menu Item “DWG/DXF -﹥PLT”. This dialogue box is a multifunctional and universal conversion dialogue box, which requires the user to set the output layout page size.

Export by scale - this function is designed to satisfy your need to aotumatically identify the drawing range by automatically identifying output layout page size.

Here, we hope that the output proportion is strictly controlled, so, the second method is taken for example as follows:

1. Add Files---- either of these two methods could be selected according to needs. Here, we click “Add Files” to select the files which are supposed to be converted.

2. Set the output folder path

3. Because all the files I have selected here are in the same folder, it is impossible to encounter the other folder with the same name, in this way, “Keep sub-path structure” is not checked.

4. Homonymy file manipulation is set as “Auto generate file names ” to prevent the files with the same name as the output folder from being overwritten.

5. Layout Switch, I select “Mode Space Only”, because the output drawing space layout is not designed.

6. I do not set watermark output here.

7. I have already commanded the Lineweight parameter of the object when the software is doing the protracting.At the same time, I select “Enable Lineweight” to make sure that the output linewidth is the same as what I have set.

8. In all the files selected, there is no obejects which need 3D objects Hidden line removal calculation, so I turned off the 3D objects Hidden line removal caculation.

9. Set the scale modulus as 1.0, My object size is protracted on the basis of the output proportion. If your factual model proportion is 1:1 , your proportion has to be correctly set. For example, you drawing proportion is set as 1:1, but your output PLT is supposed to be 1:500, your setting should be 1 / 500 = 0.002.

10. The output color is set as “All are Black”.

11. Click “Start” to convert.


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