How to convert Multiple DWG, DXF files into one PDF file?

Click Menu ¡°Batch Conversion¡± and then select Menu Item ¡°PDF Export Tool¡±, open dialogue box.( Explication of the dialogue box)

1. Add Files---- either of these two methods could be selected according to needs. Here, we click ¡°Add Files¡± to select the files which are supposed to be converted.

2. Set the output PDF location and filename

3. Layout, I select ¡°Current Layout¡±.

4.As I have commanded each output page size and parameter of the drawing space layout, I would necessarily tick ¡°Use the layout Page Size if Possible¡± to order the software to automatically use the input data.

5. Output size is set as 17x11 Inch transverse page layout. And this designed output size is only efficient to the output model space because I have ticked ¡°Use the layout Page Size if Possible¡±.

6. Select ¡°Auto Zoom Extent¡± to ensure that all the output model space objects could be output without skipping over the drawing content. As I ticked ¡°Use the layout Page Size if Possible¡±, this zoom option is inefficient to convert drawing space layout.

7. I set the watermark output by clicking ¡°Watermark Setting¡±

8. I have already commanded the Lineweight parameter when the software is doing the protracting.At the same time, I select ¡°Enable Lineweight¡± to make sure that the output linewidth is the same as what I have set.

9. 3D objects Hidden line removal is set as ¡°Automatically¡±.

10. The proportion modulus is set as 0.95, in this way, the margin of output page layout would not be too narrow.

11. The output color is set as ¡°All are Black¡±.

12. Click ¡°PDF File Info¡± to set the output additional information.

13. Click ¡°Start¡± to convert.


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