Export by scale

The software is functional in converting files according to an apponited ratio. It is mainly effective in automatically identifying the drawing size to suit the needs of users. Other features of this function are the same as what bachly conversion has. Users don’t need to set the output breadth, which is already replaced by appointed ratio and margin.

This function supports converted PDF, PLT, SVG, EPS files and CGM format file.

Layout and Layer... (new)

The software allows users to resign the layout and layers that are supposed to be exported. More...

Keep sub-path structure

The output files would be saved in the primary subdirectory structure, which makes it convenient to distinguish the converted files and prevent the files that with the same name as the folder from being overwritten.
For example, there are certain files such as:

c:\my document\project\1.dwg
c:\my document\floor\1.dwg

The designed output path is d:\out

The converted output result is (Output PDF files are taken as example here):
d:\out\my document\project\1.pdf
d:\out\my document\floor\1.pdf

Convert Layout

To set the exported layout type, it could be: current layout, only model space layout, all the layouts, all layouts and user setting.

3D objects Hidden line removal

If there are 3D objects in your graph, and the conversion result is supposed to be hiddem line removal, you could tick this option to achieve the result. There are two kinds as Automatic mode and Enforcement mode. The automatic mode could descide whether to remove the hidden line according to the settings, while the enforcement mode would order the software to forcely remove the hidden line. (this mode is not recommended)

Enable Lineweight

The designed lineweight parameter in the graphic file is allowed to be used, this option is repulsive to the use of print pen, so you can only choose one mode to output the linewidth at the same time.

Use the Print Pen sets

This option is the same as the Lineweight selection, which descides the linewidth of the output graph. It could set each color and linewidth of the corresponding color pen nubmers, More...


The scale of the output file. As the output objective value originates from the coordinate of DWG and DXF, it is necessarily to understand the drawing unit of the graphy which is going to be converted.

Watermark Setting and Usage

You could descide and set the user-designed watermark. The user-designed watermark will be added to the output PDF. Any words that you wish to add could be included, such as, company, designer, date, file name, or a kind of copyright protection measure.


The blank margin of the page layout. Its unit is inch and the unit will not change as ratio changes. If the unit is set as mm, the user has to calculate the converstion result. The conversion dialogue is offered in the dialogue box. 1 mm=1/25.4 inch

Important Instructions:

What should be paid attention to in this function is, 1 inch is equal to 72 drawing units, that is:

  • If the unit in your drawing is inch and your supposed result is 1:1, your output PDF scale has to be set to 72.0.
  • If the unit in your drawing is mm and your supposed result is 1:1, your output PDF scale has to be set to 2.834645669291 (72 / 25.4).
  • The calculation formula mentioned above is applicable to gain PDF files of any ratio.
  • This instruction is only given to the model space conversion; the soft is able to automatically read the page size when processing the graph space content. Under this condition, there is no need to do the conversion calculation, if the supposed PDF scale is 1:1, the setting should be just 1:1.
  • This instruction is only effective to the output PDF format, other formats are not included.
  • As far as the PDF output is concerned, this software provides two new options as “PDF file format” and “PDF information” to allow users to descide the mode to creat a PDF file: each layout, each corresponding PDF file; each DWF.DXF, each PDF; or all the output files are merged into one PDF file. Your choice should be guided and oriented by your personal needs.

For example:

There is a graphic frame with 210x297 units in the drawing, it should be an A4 paper size , its unit should be millimeter, and the output rate you want  is 1:1 so that the output PDF is with A4 size paper, so here you need to set the scale on the dialog box to 2.834645669291 (72 / 25.4).

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