User-Defined Paper Sizes

Creates a customized paper size or nonstandard paper size. With the Custom Paper Size tool you can create a new paper size, You can add, delete, and edit your paper size.

  • New: Starts the Custom Paper Size setting dialog box. To make easy for discerning each sets in the list, it will be a better way that follow the dimension information after the title, For example: My paper1 (400mm x 210mm)
  • Delete selected: Deletes the selected custom paper size from the list.
  • Modify: Starts the Custom Paper Size dialog box, where you can modify the selected paper size. You can change any of the custom paper size settings.

custom paper sizes

user defined paper size

After creation the custom paper sizes, you will find these custom sizes will be saved into file 'expagesizes.ini'
located where the main program(acmecadconverter.exe) live. if you want to set these same page sizes onto multi-computer you have, you can copy the 'expagesizes.ini' directly into the same folder of the app on those computers.

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