Batch Recover

This function would batch recover DWG, DXF files (The effect is descided by the damage level of the files.)

Click “Add drawings” or click “Add all drawings of folder” to add multiple damaged drawing files or all the drawing files in the designed folders. After all the files that need recovering are added, please click “Recover” to recover the files.

The software will save the recovered drawings flies. IF you do not want to ovewrite the original file, you could tick “Append suffix '_Recover' to the file name when save the recovered file” . If you have ticked this option, the software could add '_Recover' to the output file name and save it. For example, file “a.dwg” will be edited and saved as “a_Recover.dwg”. The original "a.dwg" is kept.

Recover conditions are listed in the status box and their connotations are as follows:
Inerrancy: There is no mistake in the graphic file.
Recover: There are mistakes in the graohic file. And the mistakes are already recovered by Acme DWG Converter.
Fail: There are mistakes in the graohic file. But Acme DWG Converter cannot recover the file.

You could click “Save and Show the report” to save and show the recover report to the file.

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