Batch Conversion Tool

Batch Converstion is the most versatile and complicated tool which supports multiple file formats output and supports to convert DWG.DXF files into BMP,JPEG,TIFF,PNG,PCX,GIF raster format. At the same time, this tool supports to convert files into PDF, PLT, SVG, EPS, CGM vector format and the inter-conversion between DWG and DXF files.

Layout and Layer... (new)

The software allows users to resign the layout and layers that are supposed to be exported. More...

Keep sub-path structure

The output files would be saved in the primary subdirectory structure, which makes it convenient to distinguish the converted files and prevent the files that with the same name as the folder from being overwritten.
For example, there are certain files such as:

c:\my document\project\1.dwg
c:\my document\floor\1.dwg

The designed output path is d:\out

The converted output result is (Output PDF files are taken as example here):
d:\out\my document\project\1.pdf
d:\out\my document\floor\1.pdf

Convert Layout

To set the layout type of the supposed output, it could be: current layout, only model space layout, all layouts, all paper space layouts and user sets.

Hidden Line Removal

If there are 3D objects in your graph, and the conversion result is supposed to be hiddem line removal, you could tick this option to achieve the result. There are two kinds as Automatic mode and Enforcement mode. The automatic mode could descide whether to remove the hidden line according to the settings, while the enforcement mode would order the software to forcely remove the hidden line. (this mode is not recommended)


The designed lineweight parameter in the graphic file is allowed to be used, this option is repulsive to the use of print pen, so you can only choose one mode to output the linewidth at the same time.

Use Print Pen Sets

This option is the same as the Lineweight selection, which descides the linewidth of the output graph. It could set each color and linewidth of the corresponding color pen nubmers. More...

JPEG Quality

Set the output JPEG format compress extent. The larger the setting is, the better the qulity of JPEG would be, while the file size is larger, vice versa.


Set the output  quality, the DPI means there are how many pixels per inch.

Line Bold

If the line in the output raster format picture is considered to be too slim, this option could be used to make the line bolder. This option is only effective to raster format output files.

Size and Unit

If you tick “Use the layout Page Size if Possible” when you are making the choice of the output PDF size and unit , the software will automatically achieve and output a page layout size during the conversion of graphic space layout process.

You can set one of the width and height to 0 when checked the "Auto Zoom Extent" option, then the another one will be calculated depending on the proportion of the viewport(Zoom Extent). if you want to set user defined paper size, please see "custom paper size"

Use the layout Page Size if Possible

This option is effective to graphic space layout. In graphic space layout, output page related information is contained and the software will output PDF files by automatically reading the pre-defined parameters.

Auto Zoom Extent

Its is to command the software to automatically calculate the maximum bounding retangle which is set as the output range. If the option is not ticked, the output is set as the viewport value of the latest saved file.

Scale(Zoom Ext)

This parameter tells the process to maintain a ratio blank when calculating the maximum bounding retangle. When the ratio is 1.0, the output is done as the maximun bounding retangle; when it is less than 1.0, the output content is correspondingly smaller; while if it is more than 1.0, the output content would go beyond the page layout range, which could lead to the result that some of the graphy gets outside of the paper, being invisible.

Watermark Setting and Usage

You could descide and set the user-designed watermark. The user-designed watermark will be added to the output PDF. Any words that you wish to add could be included, such as company, designer, date, file name, or a kind of copyright protection measure.

Important Instruction:

Users have to pay attention to the fact that, in the PDF files, 1 inch is equal to 72 graphic unites.

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